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    Ravi KumarMalaysia |May 18, 2016

    Great choice for trekking. Highly recommend

    Trekking around manaslu with Dream Heaven was a great adventure for me and my friends. Suman and his team made sure that we had an unforgettable experience.
    I am really thankful to the professionalism, knowledgeable and kindliness of our guide Hari and the Dream Heaven Adventure team. When we back to Nepal, we will definitely book our next trek with DHA. Thank you Guys!!

  • Graham L
    Graham LUnited Kingdom |May 02, 2016

    Awesome EBC Trek Great Value for Money

    We did 14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek in March, it was amazing experience. Our friend recommended this tour company DHA for our Nepal trip. From the time of start to ends, we were looked after by Dream Heaven Adventure superbly. Our guide Ishwor was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable about Everest trekking area and locals. He goes above and beyond to make sure that every aspect of our journey goes entirely!
    All through this trip the tea houses were clean & hospitable with very good food and the scenery was superb. I would recommend this company to anybody visiting Nepal. Thank you Suman and Team!

  • Jeremy B
    Jeremy BJapan |April 28, 2016

    Langtang Valley

    Thanks to Hari my friend and I were able to continuously practice Nepali and learn on the fly information about the background stories to the various villages and stories of Langtang National Park.He also stayed woke up in the middle of the night to hell monitor my well being one night when I received food poising. The hike was at a'fast' pace but also with a leisure time line in mind as we typically started each morning around 8 and would reach our planned destination by 1 or even 2pm each time.

    At first I felt this may be slow but I soon came to respect this advice as it allowed us to walk around and just sit with the locals while truly taking in the views.This method even brought to us a huge playground style snowball fight with the local police as well as some story listening opportunities.I would reccomend these guides if your looking for some genuinely nice folks such as Hari and like to learn about the local culture and language from a consisten source.

  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin LeeJordan |April 27, 2016

    Great Experience

    I went trekking in Langtang Valley the last week of March 2016. We were picked up at the airport by Suman (which is good because it would be sketchy trying to grab a cab on your own). We finished all the paperwork/permits/insurance that night and stayed in Kathmandu. We left early the next morning - myself, my friend, and our guide Hari, who was awesome. No administrative or logistical troubles to speak of.

    Langtang was deeply affected by the earthquake last year, and Hari was able to answer all our questions. We were informed that normally 200 people enter the park each day, but in light of the damage caused, this year only about 10-15 people have been coming each day. So although the trails are new and were being refined as we hiked them, there was plenty of room on the trail.

    By the end of the trip, my friend, Hari and I had become good friends, had many laughs, and enjoyed incredible scenery. Hari was very friendly and also maintained a good level of professionalism throughout the experience. He was there to answer questions, but did not "overguide" us, which let us create our own experience as we wanted it.

    Purna, who we had only had contact with via phone before we arrived, took us out to dinner when we returned to Kathmandu, which was great as well.

    I also want to note that both my friend and I left our jackets on the bus back to Kathmandu, but they tracked them down after the bus had left and shipped them to us in Japan. Pretty awesome.

    Provided you know what you're getting into with trekking in the Himalayas, I can't recommend Dream Heaven Adventure enough.

  • B
    Beth RigsbyUnited States |April 22, 2016

    EBC Gokyo Chola Pass

    My daughter and I did EBC Gokyo Chola pass in Nepal. We just returned yesterday. We highly recommend to Dream Heaven Adventure and team of this trekking. We enjoyed our trip very much. The man Suman was outstanding; he responded the answer of our all questions promptly. When we arrived in Kathmandu they welcomed very warmly. Our guide was Hari and porter was Prlad. They worked untiringly to get our looked-for every day. Both of them always smiling and take care to us. We are very happy with them & I can recommend highly enough them.

  • J
    Jamie LefrakUnited States |April 15, 2016

    Short everest trek

    I have been stayed in Kathmandu for my private concern. I found Dream Heaven Adventure which has best schemes to give me my feel. They arranged a great trip to Everest. It was an excellent overall experience. Very helpful people and great company,Don’t forget to explore Himalayan beauty guys!!

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    Ellie CopleyAustralia |April 13, 2016

    Everest View Trekking with Nima

    Me and my 14 years old son just returned from the Everest view trek. It had been a tremendous expertise for us. Dream Heaven Adventure did an excellent job with great guide and porter. Our guide Nima and our porter Hari were pretty, knowledgeable and smart fun. That was extremely sudden and never forgettable experience. Rijan and his team absolutely take great care about everything. Thank you so much for everything !

  • O
    Oren CFinland |March 23, 2016

    Excellent Service and Trek

    My partner and I visited Nepal for the first time; we wanted to do a short trek with only one week. And Dream Heaven Adventure recommends us Poon hill trek as we had short time. Everything was well managed. DHA and team made our dream come true by arranging the lifetime experience.
    Our Guide Gyan is amazing. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. We had a great time in Mountain; everything was full mind of our extreme satisfaction. Thank you Dream Heaven Adventure and Team for everything! I will be back next year for Everest Base Camp Hike.