Annapurna Circuit Trek Vs Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Last Updated on Oct 20, 2022

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When deciding between the Annapurna circuit and Manaslu circuit, there are many factors to consider. The climate is one of the major differences between the two treks, and daytime temperatures can be a big determining factor. The seasons are also an important consideration.

Manaslu Circuit trek vs Annapurna circuit trek

If you are considering trekking in Nepal but do not want the crowds of the Annapurna Circuit, you should consider trekking in the Manaslu region instead. This trekking area is less travelled and more remote. It features views of Mount Manaslu and other neighbouring peaks. It also features trails that go up and downhill, which makes it ideal for those seeking a peaceful experience.

The Annapurna Circuit and Manaslu Trek are both beautiful treks in the Annapurna region. Both treks are high-altitude treks, and the Manaslu Circuit is slightly higher. This means that you'll have to cross the Larkya La Pass, which requires extreme physical strength. You'll also have to deal with the effects of altitude sickness, which can manifest itself in headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

The weather on the Annapurna Circuit and Manaslu Trek is generally similar. During the monsoon season, the trails are often wet and slippery. Walking through muddy paths can be dangerous, so you'll want to plan your trek during cooler weather.

Although the Annapurna Circuit is more popular with foreign trekkers, the Manaslu Circuit has fewer visitors. This makes it quieter and more peaceful than the Annapurna region. It is also more accessible, but requires more commitment and dedication on the trail. You'll also need a guide and special trekking authorization permit for Manaslu trek.

Day time temperatures in Manaslu and Annapurna

The Manaslu and Annapurnan circuits have varying temperatures during the day. On average, the higher regions experience temperatures of 8°C to -4°C, and the lower regions tend to be warmer, with temperatures ranging from 18 to 20°C. Although temperatures drop considerably with altitude, they remain moderate, making trekking on the Manaslu and Annaslu circuits an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

The monsoon season in Nepal begins in June, and temperatures gradually start to rise. The lower valley will turn to lush green and there is a good chance of seeing impressive rainbows. As the altitude increases, the daytime temperatures start to drop and rainfall becomes more frequent. However, the early days of the monsoon season will be beautiful, with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius. As the mountain passes, temperatures will drop to around 10 degrees Celsius.

Daytime temperatures on the Manaslu and Annappurna circuit are mild in October and November, but temperatures can still be cold. The minimum temperature may be as low as 7 degrees, so it is essential to bring warm clothes.

The best months to trek the Manaslu and Annapurslu circuits are from March to May, although there are several other seasons that are equally ideal. Early March, for instance, sees blooming flowers and the weather remains cool. The trails are also less crowded, and the weather will be stable and bearable.
In autumn, the Manaslu and Annapurna circuit are also a great time to visit. The season is also the festival season, when farmers leave their farms, and the weather turns cooler.

Authentic Culture in Manaslu and Annapurna

Manaslu circuit treks are often considered more authentic than Annapurna treks, because the terrain is less developed and the local culture is more traditional. If you want a truly authentic experience, you should choose a trek on the Manaslu Circuit, which offers less-developed landscapes, steep ascents, and more time in nature. The Manaslu Circuit also includes the valley of Tsum, which can be explored as an extra trek.

Manaslu treks are less commercialized and less prioritized by trekkers. The Manaslu region has a long history with Tibet, and its people continue to practice Tibetan traditions. You will enjoy the varying topography of the region, which is rich in cultural heritage.

The Manaslu Circuit is less developed than the Annapurna Circuit, making it an ideal choice for those who want to explore Nepal's remote regions. Manaslu trekking is also a little less crowded than Annapurna trekking, making it a great choice for travelers.

Unlike the Annapurna circuit, the Manaslu circuit trek is less popular with foreign trekkers. The Manaslu region also has less developed infrastructure and fewer tourists. You can find many teahouses in the Manaslu region, but you will find the lodging more basic than in the region. There are fewer tourists on the Manaslu Circuit, and you will be surrounded by friendly locals.

Although theAnnapurna circuit trek is a very popular destination, many people are opting for a quieter trek in the Manaslu circuit. Not only will you have a chance to experience more authentic culture and scenery, but the Manaslu Circuit also offers stunning Himalayan views.

Seasons of Trek in Manaslu and Annapurna

There are several advantages to trekking the Manaslu Circuit. It offers great scenery, a beautiful trail, and great views of the mountains and valleys. Moreover, the trek in the autumn season is perfect for seeing the beautiful fall foliage and enjoying nature at its most fresh state.
The Manaslu Circuit is a challenging trek because it involves a high pass, Throng la. It's more challenging than the Annapurna circuit because it's much higher and there is more snow. The Annapurna circuit's trails are well-maintained, but aren't as rugged. The Manaslu Circuit has many high and low passes, and it is important to have moderate fitness.

The fall season is also the most popular time for trekking the Manaslu Circuit. It's the busiest season, so if you plan to do the trek in the fall, make sure you book your accommodations ahead of time. You may also find that the trails are crowded.

While the Manaslu Circuit offers wide landscapes and beautiful views, the Annapurna Circuit has more activities than the Manaslu. Although the Annapurna circuit is more popular, it can also be crowded during high season. You'll also encounter more interesting people and more diverse scenery than you'll find on the Manaslu Circuit.
The Manaslu Circuit has better weather conditions during spring and autumn. The winter months can be challenging for novices, and the Larkya La Pass becomes impossible during the winter season. Because of this, the trek is best for experienced trekkers. The Manaslu circuit is less crowded than the Annapurna circuit, but the price of a restricted permit goes up.

If you want a more remote and untouched trek, the short Manaslu Circuit trek is a great choice. The Manaslu circuit has less traffic than the Annapurna circuit and offers stunning views of Mount Manaslu and neighbouring peaks. In addition, the trails follow the Budhi Gandaki River and take you up and downhill.

Annapurna and Manaslu Circuit Trekking Trails

The Manaslu circuit is a longer trek than the Annapurna circuit. While both treks end in the same valley, they offer different perspectives and experiences. The Annapurna circuit has more accessible lodging, including teahouses with attached bathrooms, hot showers, WiFi, and blankets. The Manaslu circuit, on the other hand, is more remote.

Whether you choose the Annapurna Circuit or the Manaslu circuit depends on your fitness level. The Annapurna Circuit trek entails a long distance and requires a high level of physical stamina. The total distance of the trek is between 160 and 230 kilometers, and you'll need to walk eight to 15 kilometers a day. This requires a high level of stamina, and is not suitable for beginners. However, with the right training and experience, it's not impossible to complete.

The Annapurna Circuit is more popular than the Manaslu circuit. While the Manaslu Circuit trekking trail is less popular than the Annapurna circuit, it is still considered a challenging trek. It is recommended that you go with a guide for safety reasons. Your guide will take care of negation, weather monitoring, and other necessities. In addition, your guide will take care of your accommodation and food while you are trekking.

The cost of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a little higher than the Annapurna Circuit. Since this trek is less popular, you will have less choice when it comes to accommodation. The Manaslu Circuit offers basic accommodations, and requires a guide. You can save money by traveling to Manaslu in the off-season.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a difficult option for anyone who is unsure of their physical capabilities. It involves between five and eight hours of walking each day. However, you must be physically fit and able to endure the high altitude. A well-organised trek will allow you to acclimatise to the higher altitude. The trek leaders will keep the pace at an appropriate pace. They will also carry oxygen and a first-aid kit.

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