Restricated Area Trek

Nepal has some remote areas, which were restricted for foreigners until 1991 where the entry of foreigners is strictly controlled. Restricted area trekking trails will provide you to explore spectacular view of mountain and chance to understanding people and their cultures. Generally these trekking be done only through by authorized trekking companies, and permits for these areas have higher cost then other trekking region.

For those who want to trek in this area themselves, they cannot get a permit for these regions; trekkers must travel with pay for a special permit. Generally our government restricts some areas because it doubts that it could give the security that trekkers need. These restricted areas are not allowed to trek alone for tourist so you should be at least 2 people in the group.

Individual trekker could not get trekking permit for such areas. If you are alone you are not allowed to trek in restricted area. So do not hesitate to join us for a rare look into the secret and untouched regions of Nepal Himalayas. Restricted Area Trek offers different spectacular trekking trail such as Upper Mustang Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Trek etc.