5 Days Langtang Valley Trek

Trip Fact:
  • Duration 5 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • DestinationNepal
  • Max Altitude4773 ( Kyanjing Ri)
  • AccommodationTea House
  • MealsAll meals ( B/L/D) in Mountain
  • Trip Start/EndSyabru Besi
  • Group Size2-50 pax
  • Best SeasonMid September to May are besty months to do this trek

What to Expect:

  • Unmatched sightseeing of elegant Langtang Ri, Langtang Lirung, Gangchenpo, Dorje Lhakpa, Loenpo Gang, Yala Peak, etc.
  • Beautiful Langtang and Kyanjin Valley, enriched by Tamang Heritage.
  • Hike to one of two fantastic vantage points, Kyanjin Ri or Tsergo Ri.
  • Tour the local cheese factory and Kyanjin Gompa.
  • Hike through amazing landscapes, forests, and river banks.
  • Fixed departure five day Langtang Trek in 2024 with expert trek guide.

The five day Langtang Valley Trek is a short, scenic, and adventure-filled trek in Langtang Conservation Area. The moderate trekking routes, tea houses with modern amenities, two fantastic vantage points, enriched Tamang Culture & Heritage, and beautiful Langtang mountain range live up to the expectations of trekkers, making it an ideal destination.

You may wonder if Langtang Trek is doable in just five days. But, with our great trek preparations and handpicked Langtang Trek itinerary, you can complete this trek in five days. That, too, is upon starting this trek with a drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi and returning to Kathmandu on the 5th day.

As people are getting busier than ever, so are the growing time constraints for travel. People who desire to trek in the Himalayas are looking for shorter yet wholesome adventurous treks in Nepal. Understanding the rapidly changing world and adventurers' desire, Dream Himalayan Adventure has chopped the 7 to 11 days Langtang Trek itinerary to just five days.

With our five day treks to Langtang Valley, you'll enjoy what trekkers on 7 to 11 days cherish. Moreover, you'll experience every significant highlight during the Langtang trek, including the scenic and thrilling hike to Kyanjin Ri.

The famous Langtang Region sits 50 km North of Kathmandu. One would expect a substantial contemporary influence in the Langtang region at a significantly less distance from the country's capital. But, as you leave Syabrubesi and start exploring the Tamang settlements at Langtang and Kyanjin, you'll barely see the modern fashion in their lifestyles. It is also a reason why Langtang is popular for Tamang Heritage Trek.

Surreal Langtang Panorama in Langtang Valley Trek 5 Day

Langtang valley trek 5 day takes you to Kyanjin Gompa, a place surrounded by a 270-degree panoramic Langtang mountain range. Langtang Lirung, at 7,234 meters, and Langtang Ri and 7,250 meters, are the two tallest mountains visible while trekking to Kyanjin. Gangchenpo, at 6,387, is among the most elegant and visible mountains from Kyanjin Ri and Tsergo Ri.

Moreover, a 6,966 meter tall Dorje Lhakpa, Loenpo Gang at 6,907 meters, Morimoto at 6,150 meters, and Changbu at 6,781 are other panoramic mountains you'll see while on Langtang Trek.

Yala Peak, a 5,520 meters tall mountain, is the most ascended mountain in Langtang—Trekkers who hike up to Kyanjin Ri and Tsergo Ri attempt climbing Yala Peak. Thus, getting the name 'trekker's peak'. Alongside Langtang Trek, if you consider climbing Yaka Peak, we'll make every peak climbing arrangement for you. But it would help if you informed us beforehand.

Two amazing Vantage Points in Short Lngtang Trek

Kyanjin Ri, 4,773 meters, and Tsergo Ri, 5,033 meters, are two fantastic vantage points at Kyanjin. And hiking up to one of these is what Langtang Valley Trekkers do.

Kyanjin Ri is on the left of Kyanjin Gompa, and one can hike to its top in just two hours. It has lower and higher peaks, but many trekkers hike to lower elevations only. The Kyanjin Ri higher peak offers a splendid panorama rather than the lower height.

Tsergo Ri, on the other hand, is a more strenuous day-long hike from Kyanjin. For a regular trekker, it takes seven to eight hours to hike up to Tsergo Ri and return to the tea house at Kyanjin. As it's 5,033 meters from the top, you'll enjoy dreamy glimpses of the Langtang mountain range, hidden lakes, glaciers, and the Langtang river.

As you'll be on a five day Langtang Valley Trek, hiking to Tsergo Ri won't be on the itinerary. But you'll have a fantastic hike to either Kyanjin Ri's lower peak or higher peak, depending on how well the individual in the group hike.

Easy 5 Days Langtang Trek Route, Best for first time trekker

A short Langtang Valley Trek for five days is absolute for first-time trekkers. Thanks to its short route, comfortable trekking route, altitude sickness-free terrain, modern tea houses, and more.

The trekking route of Langtang Valley can be tiring for some, especially from Bamboo to Lama Hotel and from Woodland to Ghora Tabela. And past Ghora Tabela till Kyanjin, the trekking route ascends gradually and becomes easier to hike.

Moreover, the Langtang Trek Route is just 60 km from Syabrubesi-Kyanjin-Syabrubesi, which is not scary compared to the 130 km long Everest Base Camp Trek. Plus, hiking 60 km in five days for six hours daily will be manageable.

As tea houses throughout this trek offer comfortable twin-sharing rooms for overnight sleep, you'll get 8 hours of rest. Plus, there are numerous rehydration and rest stops on this route.

Enriched Bio-Diversity and Tamang Heritage

Langtang Trek 5 days sits in the heart of Langtang Conservation Area, the first Himalayan Conservation Area, established in 1970 A.D. This diverse trek takes you from the warm subtropical air of Kathmandu and Nuwakot to the Alpine climatic zone at Langtang and Kyanjin.

You'll hike through Rhododendron, oak, Uttis, and Bamboo forests till Ghora Tabela. And past it to Kyanjin, you'll walk alongside juniper shrubs.

Red pandas and snow leopards are the protected animals inside this conservation area. If you're lucky enough, you may see a snow leopard chasing a monkey en route to Ghora Tabela.

As its biodiversity has been, so is its ethnicity, the Tamang community. They still practice centuries-old traditions, cultures, and festivals. From the tea house owners to every local you meet en route reflect Tamang Heritage, whether it's their attire or the language they speak.

Buddhist prayer flags, Mani walls, memorials, and stupas, especially past Langtang to Kyanjin, makes the landscape serene. Plus, the prayer flags at Kyanjin Ri and Tsergo Ri also contribute great touch to your photographs.


Your five days Langtang Trek Itinerary begins with an 8-hour-long Kathmandu Syabrubesi drive. After leaving Kathmandu, you'll drive via Galchi, Dhunibesi Trishuli, Kalikasthan, Ramje, Dhunche, and Syabrubesi.

You'll stop at Langtang National Park checkpost at Dhunche and have your Conservation Area Permit checked. Also, the Nepal Army officials on duty cross-check your backpack for suspicious items. Please only carry a drone with a flying permit while trekking to Langtang. Otherwise, they'll keep your drone at the checkpoint and return it when you return to Kathmandu.

You'll have lunch at Syabrubesi before starting the trek to Rimche.

You'll hike past the Langtang River Hydropower construction site before reaching Pairo. One hour hike from Pairo takes you to Bamboo. And another two-hour comfortable walk from Bamboo takes you to Rimche. You'll hike along the Rhododendron, Uttis and Bamboo forest along the left bank of the Langtang River.

From Langtang River Bridge, the hike to Rimche gets steeper as you cross landslide-prone areas.

Overnight at the tea house in Rimche.

  • Tea House / Lodges
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 2,455 meters

After breakfast at the tea house in Rimche, you'll prepare for the hike to Langtang Village.

After leaving Rimche for 30 minutes, you'll reach Lama Hotel. From Lama Hotel, you'll trek to Riverside, Woodland and Ghoda Tabela along the serene pine and oak forest.

Reaching Ghora Tabela marks the halfway hike to Langtang Village as it'd take another 4 hours from here to Langtang Village. Thus, you'll have lunch at a tea house in Ghora Tabela.

From Ghora Tabela, you'll hike along the rhododendron trees and juniper bushes. Also, the treeline starts declining as you progress to Langtang. On this day, from Ghora Tabela, you'll get the first glimpse of Langtang Lirung and Ganesh Himal.

You'll hike via Thangshyap and Chamki before reaching Langtang Village. The trekking route past Chamki remains relatively flat till Langtang.

You'll cross the old Langtang village washed away by the earthquake and avalanche in 2015 A.D. As Langtang hosts many modern tea houses, you'll stop at the best available tea house for overnight meals and accommodations.

  • Tea House / Lodges
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 3,430 meters

After breakfast at the tea house in Langtang Village, you'll hike to Kyanjin Gompa. It's a short day hike, just 3-4 hours, but it is scenic throughout.

After 30 minutes past Langtang Village, you'll hike along countless memorials and Buddhist Mani Walls. And you'll reach Mundhum, from where you'll see Langtang Lirung, Gangchenpo, Kyanjin Ri, and Tsergo Ri.

After an hour's hike from Mundhum takes you to Kyanjin Hydropower, you must be careful while hiking, especially in the areas near Kyanjin Hydropower, as water freezes overnight and the trail becomes slippery with ice.

Past Kyanjin Hydropower, you'll cross a suspension bridge, hike for another 30 minutes and reach Kyanjin.

Kyanjin is a small town on the right bank of the Langtang River, surrounded by impressive Langtang region mountains. You'll stop at a tea house for overnight accommodation.

During the day, after lunch, you'll visit the local cheese factory and Kyanjin Gompa.

  • Tea House / Lodges
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 3,865 meters

In the early morning, before breakfast, you'll hike up to Kyanjin Ri from Kyanjin. The higher altitude of Kyanjin Ri offers a stunning glimpse of almost all the mountains of the Langtang range.

From Kyanjin Ri, you'll see Langtang II, Langtang Lirung, Gangchenpo, and other mountains. You'll also see a small glacier lake above Kyanjin Village that has been used as the water source for Kyanjin Hydro. The famous glacier of the region, Lirung Tsang Glacier, also becomes visible from Kyanjin Ri.

After returning to Kyanjin, you'll have breakfast and prepare for the return hike.

After leaving Kyanjin, you'll reach Mundhum, Langtang, Chamki, Thangshyap, Ghora Tabela, Lama Hotel, and Rimche. You'll have lunch at Langtang/Thangshyap.

After 6 hours of leaving Kyanjin, you'll reach Rimche, where you'll stop for overnight accommodation.

  • Tea House / Lodges
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 2,455 meters

To catch the bus before 10 am, you'll leave Rimche early in the morning. From Rimche, first, you'll descend to Langtang Khola Bridge and hike further down to Bamboo. From Bamboo, you'll hike down to Pairo, Tiwari, and finally to Syabrubesi.

You'll have your breakfast at Syabrubesi before catching the bus. The bus stops at Trishuli Bazar for 30 minutes, where you'll have lunch.

After lunch, you'll drive back to Kathmandu. Upon arriving in Kathmandu, our representative will pick you up from the bus station and transfer you to the hotel.
This marks the end of five days of Langtang Trek with Dream Himalayan Adventure.

  • Your own hotel in Kathmandu
  • Breakfast/Lunch
  • 1400 meters

Cost Details


  • All airport transfers (pickup and drop off)
  • 4 nights tea house / accomodation in the Mountain
  • All 5 day meals ( breakfast/lunch/dinner) as per itinerary
  • Professional and experienced trekking guide for the trek
  • Langtang National Park entry permit
  • Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) Card
  • First aid kit will be available
  • Necessary equipments for field staff
  • Transportation by private jeep for Kathmandu-Syabru Besi-Kathmandu


  • Porter Services
  • All kind of personal expences

Good to Know

Meals and Accommodation in Short Langtang Trek

Tea houses in Langtang Valley Trekking offer modern amenities to trekkers, precisely at Langtang and Kyanjin.

You'll get twin sharing rooms that offer attached bathrooms. Also, you'll get electricity and wifi services at every tea house throughout this trek. There aren't heated rooms at tea houses on this trek, but they offer clean beds and warm blankets.

As the helicopter transports fresh vegetables and meals at Kyanjin and Langtang, you'll have the option of fresh, hygienic meals. You'll have the opportunity to choose broad offerings of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Toasts, Tibetan Bread, Butter & Jam, Mashed Potatoes, Eggs and omelets, Honey, Chapati, Ginger Lemon Honey, Tea, Coffee, Yak Milk, and noodle soups are regular breakfast items during five days of Langtang Trek.

Dal Bhat with cooked vegetables, lentil soup, and pickles is a complete meal at least once daily. Besides this, you'll also have the option of Pizza, Thenduk, Thukpa, Noodles, Sandwiches, Fries, Porridge, and Pies during lunch and dinner.

Electricity, Internet, and Hot Water Shower

While trekking to Langtang Valley, you'll get hydroelectricity at Langtang and Kyanjin. And in other places, you must pay for solar-generated electricity.

The Internet is available at almost every tea house in Langtang Trek. However, the internet only works during poor weather conditions like snowfall and rainfall. Everest link is a popular wifi card you can purchase at Langtang and Kyanjin.

A hot Water Shower is accessible at every tea house after paying NPR 200-300.

Langtang Valley Trek Permits

Langtang Valley Trek sees you hike in the heart of Langtang Conservation Area. Thus, this trek is accessible with two Langtang trek permits. Langtang Conservation Area Permit and TIMS Card are two essential trek permits for Langtang Valley.

Once you book this trek with us, we'll arrange all trek permits beforehand. However, we need your passport-sized photo and a copy of the biographic page of your valid passport to make arrangements for the trek permits.

Transportation you’ll get on Langtang Trek

After landing at Kathmandu airport, you'll get an airport pickup and transfer to the hotel. Our representative will pick you up from Kathmandu airport and transfer you to the hotel in a private vehicle.

To start this trek, you'll get a local tourist bus drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. And also, while returning from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu, you'll get a local tourist bus.

Short Langtang Trek doesn't include domestic flights as transportation.

After this trek, you'll get a complimentary airport transfer from the hotel.

Trekking Guides and Porters

Depending on the group size, you'll get one or two trek guides. Usually, we'll provide one trekking guide for a small group of trekkers, up to five. Our trek guides are highly experienced professionals who'll take good care of you throughout the trek.

To carry your backpacks, we also provide trek porters. Two trekkers can share a porter who carries a 15-20 kg backpack in total. But, if your backpack weight exceeds 10 kg(individually), you must pay for the trekking porter or may need to hire another porter.

Safety and Security

Short Langtang Trek with Dream Himalayan Adventure is 100% safe and secure for trekkers. We try our best to maximize your pleasing trek experience, ensuring your utmost safety.

We ensure that everyone in the group follows the guidelines of the trek guide. Also, we'll make sure that everyone in the group hikes together.

During emergencies, our highly experienced trek guides take care of you. Also, we'll have helicopters in place if you need them.

Travel Insurance Policy

After booking a five days short Langtang Trek with us, please provide proof of a valid travel insurance policy. And if you fail to provide us with proof of insurance policy, we hold every right to cancel your booking and even exclude you from the departure group.

With travel insurance, you'll have many benefits, especially during emergencies. Helicopter rescue can be on time if you provide us with travel insurance. Also, it covers your medical bills and hospitalization costs. In some cases, travel insurance also compensates for losing your items.

Acclimatization of the Trek

Unlike Everest Base Camp Trek, Langtang Trek is safe and almost free from altitude sickness. However, it doesn't apply to every trekker.

To start this trek, you'll reach Syabrubesi by bus and start the hike. With this approach, you'll slowly adapt to the altitude as you begin the walk.

Moreover, the terrain till Ghora Tabela has affluent trees, which gives you adequate oxygen to breathe. Plus, you'll stop at Langtang overnight before hiking to Kyanjin Gompa. This overnight sleep adapts well.

Kyanjin Gompa is at 3,870 meters, which is safe and free from altitude sickness. After leaving Langtang in the early morning, you'll reach Kyanjin around 11 am. Thus, for the rest of the day, you'll sit in the hotel, acclimate well, drink plenty of lukewarm water, and have meals.

Thus, by the time you hike to Kyanjin Ri the next day, you will feel comfortable with the high altitude.

Short Langtang Trek Difficulty

Langtang Valley Trekking is absolute for beginner trekkers looking for their first high-altitude trek experience. The moderate trekking routes of Langtang Valley see countless first-time hikers.

However, certain sections of the trekking route are tiring. Significantly, the Ramche Landslide and Ghora Tabela ascend are steep and tiring. And the rest of the trails are excellent and scenic to trek.

Even hiking to the highest point of Kyanjin Ri at 4,770 meters feels comfortable for beginner trekkers.

Best time for Langtang Trek

Langtang Trek is doable throughout the year, except during the monsoon months. Autumn and Spring are the two best times of the year when Lantang sees floods of trekkers.

The Autumn trek to Langtang showcases the greenery, snow-filled mountains, voluminous waterfalls and rivers, and amazing landscapes. The sky looks clearer as the monsoon rain thoroughly washes the dust and fog. Hence, you'll have a fantastic viewing experience.

Spring, from March to May, is the proper time for Langtang Trek. Due to occasional rainfall in February and March, it snows. Hence, the snowfall and sublime mountain prospects can elevate your Langtang experience.

Not good time for short Langtang Trek

Monsoon rain prompts landslides, and it becomes risky to trek Langtang from June to August. A few active landslides en route could be dangerous during the rainfall. Hence, Summer time is not recommended for this trek.

Also, the clouds cover entire mountain ranges, thus obstructing the clear viewing experience. Also, as few trekking hikes occur, most tea houses remain closed during this time.

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