Things to do in Thamel

  • Last Updated on Aug 20, 2023

Venturing into the tourist district of Kathmandu, Thamel presents an array of experiences that make your tour in Nepal unforgettable. Be it a pursuit for yoga training or a casual Kathmandu city tour, Thamel offers an exciting blend of attractions and activities.

Nepal, known for its meditative vibes and stunning Himalayan views, is a paradise for trekkers. Its picturesque villages, grand temples, ancient monasteries, and lush forests make Nepal an outstanding travel destination.

On landing in Nepal, Kathmandu, the country's bustling capital, greets you with an amalgamation of colorful markets, frenetic traffic, and warm-hearted locals. Thamel, a neighborhood that never sleeps, is renowned for its vibrant markets and a myriad of experiences.

This article explores the top 8 must-do things in Thamel.

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Immerse in the Vibrant Thamel Music Scene

Thamel's streets come alive with music as the evening unfolds. The neighborhood boasts a varied musical scene, from jazz and rock to classic tunes, serving every taste. Live music nights are common, with many cafes featuring young local talents that might transport you back to the 70s' hippy era. Feel free to request Nepali songs to enhance your dining experience.

Join the Thamel Nightlife

If you find yourself in Kathmandu over the weekend, Thamel's vibrant nightlife is not to be missed. Bars, cafes, and restaurants transform into festive hotspots, providing a lively party atmosphere. For a more relaxed vibe, consider the small bars tucked away in Thamel's alleyways.

Savor the Flavors of Thamel

Food enthusiasts will find Thamel a culinary heaven. The area is peppered with world-class Nepalese restaurants and cozy coffee shops, offering an assortment of local and international cuisines. Highly-rated eateries such as Fire & Ice, Helena’s Rooftop Restaurant, Furu Sato, and Electric Pagoda, promise a delightful dining experience. For coffee aficionados, places like the Himalayan Java and Yala Cafe are ideal spots.

Relax at the Garden of Dreams

Amidst the bustling city lies a peaceful oasis, the Garden of Dreams, also known as the Garden of Six Seasons. Located in Kaiser Mahal in Thamel, this enchanting garden, adorned with Victorian architecture, provides a serene retreat to unwind and relax.

Indulge in Shopping Spree

Thamel is a shopper’s delight, offering a range of goods from spices, jewelry, embroidered apparels to Kashmiri carpets and Pashminas. Remember, bargaining is part of the shopping culture here, adding fun to your shopping spree.

Unwind at a Spa

Rejuvenate yourself with a visit to one of Thamel's spas. With offerings ranging from massages, sauna, and Jacuzzi to holistic healing therapies, these wellness centers are perfect for a relaxing retreat.

Try Indoor Activities

For those with a free day and a spirit of adventure, Thamel offers numerous indoor activities. Visit the local Indoor Sports Arena for Fuss Ball or Archery, or try wall climbing, football, and paintball at places around Bhagwan Bahal.

Movies and Books

For movie enthusiasts and book lovers, Thamel offers ample choices. Catch the latest movies at the local multiplex or browse through a wide range of books at Thamel's bookshops.

Thamel's vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings make it a must-visit neighborhood in Kathmandu. Whether you're an adventure seeker, food lover, or a shopaholic, Thamel has something in store for everyone.

Suman Aryal

Suman Aryal

With over 15 years of experience in the tourism sector of Nepal, Suman is the Managing Director of Dream Heaven Adventure. His passion for trekking has taken him to nearly all of Nepal's popular regions, making him an authorized trekking and tour operator.

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