Dolpo Region Trek

Dolpo is located inside the Shey Phoksundo National Park, largest national park of mid-western Nepal, behind the North side of the Dhaulagiri massif towards the Tibetan highland. Dolpo region Trek is one of the highest inhabited plateaus in the world, is opened to trekking in 1989.

Dolpo is known as the most remote area of Nepal, where Nepal’s most tranquil and natural beauty is still unexplored and can be found. This region has been shown in all its integrity and full mystical experience, with one of the deepest Himalayan Lakes, the Phokhsundo with beautiful turquoise blue water, watch the yak caravans that maintain the traditional salt trade with Tibet.

This Dolpa Trekking is hard to match for its pristine beauty and rugged charm, where one can still have opportunity to meet the nomadic people and their life style almost untouched and unexplored. Trekking through Dolpa region is an experience not easily forgotten for instances an enchanting trek.

Moreover, this area is also known as the home of herbal, unspoiled trans-Himalayan culture, Buddhist monuments, unique human civilization at high altitude is worth a visit.