Manaslu Region Trek

Manaslu trekking provides spectacular beauty along the border Nepal and Tibet and is now a controlled trekking route, allowing organized trekking groups special permits to gain entry into this region to venture round its spectacular circuit.

Manaslu region trek starts from gorkha and ends at lamjung district of besi sahar. Manaslu is exceptionally rich in biodiversity. However cultural diversities and natural scenery with high altitude romantic glacier treks and fascinating flora and fauna have made it one of the most well liked places of Nepal.

Manaslu Range (Ganesh I, Ganesh II, Ganesh III, Ganesh IV) gives very magnificent views, that is the Great Himalayan Chain. Its charm lies mainly in the fact that it is fairly remote area that offers more lively views of traditional life in the mountain. it definitely gives you different ways of life culture and able to contact with rural people in the small villages.

Throughout the trekking the rhododendron and pine forest along with the spectacular views of ganesh himal, him chuli and manaslu itself makes the trip likely and lovely.