Short Manaslu Trek

4 reviewsManaslu Short Trek: Unveiling the Majestic Manaslu
Trip Fact:
  • Duration 10 Days
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • DestinationNepal
  • Max Altitude5106m/16752 ft
  • AccommodationGuest houses/lodges during trekking
  • MealsAll meals during the trekking
  • Trip Start/EndArughat/Besisahar
  • Group Size2-25 pax
  • Best SeasonMarch, April, May, September, October and November are the best months.

What to Expect:

  • Ideal trekking route for trekkers who love to be in the Himalayas with fewer trekkers in the trek route.
  • Spellbinding glimpses of Manaslu, Annapurna range, and Ganesh Himal range.
  • Crossing Larke Pass at 5,106 metres, snow occupied beauty in early Spring and green bushes in early Autumn.
  • Optional hike to Manaslu Base Camp, Birendra Lake, Dona Lake, Ponkar Lake, and Larke Glacier.
  • Dreamy hike on the shore of Budhi Gandaki River, terrace farmlands, pine and oak forests, and inspiring alpine landscapes.
  • The locals of Manaslu, most descendant from Tibet, and their timeless lifestyle, culture, and traditions of Nuri.
  • Fully guided Manaslu Trek in Autumn/Spring with Dream Heaven with all-inclusive board service.
  • Handpicked itinerary, 100% safety, experienced trek guides for a wholesome trek experience with us.

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas with our Short Manaslu Trek. Breathtaking landscapes, diverse culture, and unspoiled trails await.

Experience the allure of the Manaslu region with our short trek, a hidden gem amidst Nepal's pristine landscapes. The Manaslu Circuit Trek (MCT) is a classic and peaceful adventure that remains less explored but highly regarded. This challenging grade trek takes you through vertical ridges above the Budi Gandaki Gorge, offering experienced trekkers a solitary escape adorned with natural scenery, majestic mountains, authentic Bhutia lifestyle, rich traditions, and thrilling adventures.

Covering 160 kilometers of remote terrain in western Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit short trek revolves around the awe-inspiring Mt. Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain standing tall at 8,163 meters. With the magnificent Annapurna to the west and the Ganesh Himal range to the east, the landscape is a feast for the eyes.

You may wonder why you should choose the Manaslu Circuit over the popular Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base Camp treks. The answer lies in the breathtaking vistas of Manaslu itself. During the short trek, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of Manaslu's North, East, Nagdi Chuli, Samdo Peak, Larke Peak, Ganesh Himal, and Naike Peak. These snow-covered peaks in the Mansri Range offer an unparalleled Himalayan experience up close and personal.

The trek also provides a glimpse of the region's rich vegetation. Manaslu boasts nearly 19 different types of forests, housing an impressive array of 1500-2000 plant species. The Rhododendron forest and Himalayan blue pine add an aesthetic touch to the landscape.

Route for the Short Manaslu Trek

The Sort Manaslu trek is an ideal choice for those seeking secluded trails, untouched by commercialization, and brimming with natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled cultures, religions, and traditions of the local Buddhist and Hindu communities, leaving a lasting impression on your soul. The warm hospitality and genuine gestures from the locals, known as Nuri, will melt your heart.

The less-trodden paths of the Manaslu Circuit remain timeless, preserving their original charm since the first group of trekkers explored them in 1992.

The route for the short Manaslu trek follows the standard Manaslu Circuit route, commencing with a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Machha Khola. From there, you'll embark on a four-day trek to Sama Gaun via Jagat, Deng, and Namrung.

Sama Gaun, located at 3,530 meters, is a highlight of this short Manaslu circuit trek (MCT). The mesmerizing journey includes witnessing the Manaslu glacier, ice falls, and the magnificent Larke Pass, one of the longest and most beautiful passes in the Himalayas, situated at an elevation of 5,106 meters.

Trek Difficulty: A Challenge Worth Undertaking

The Short Manaslu Trek presents a moderate to strenuous challenge. While the ascent itself is not overly arduous, factors such as high altitude, steep inclines and descents, and rugged terrain prone to landslides can make the trek physically demanding. It is important to note that encounters with yaks are common along the route.

No mountaineering equipment is required, and the path does not involve scaling snowy peaks. However, trekkers must cross the Larkya La Pass, the trek's highest point, at an elevation of 5,106 meters (16,752 feet), necessitating proper acclimatization and a reasonable level of fitness.

The difficulty level varies based on an individual's health, age, and hiking experience. With a positive mindset and adequate acclimatization, individuals possessing moderate to good physical fitness and prior experience in long hikes can successfully complete the trek.

Proper training and preparation specific to mountain trekking are highly recommended before embarking on this adventure. Regular walking or hiking for several kilometers daily over a period of 2 to 3 weeks, coupled with cardiovascular exercises in a gym, can be beneficial. Furthermore, mental preparation plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful trek or hike in the mountains.

Approach the trek with confidence and unwavering determination, and success will be within reach. Our services include a knowledgeable guide and porters who will assist you throughout the trip. The porters will shoulder your belongings, while the guide will provide explanations and support to enhance your overall experience.

Manaslu Short Trek Permits

According to the regulations of Nepal Immigration, trekking in the Manaslu region requires a minimum group size of two members. Permits for restricted areas like the Manaslu trek are not issued for single foreign trekkers.

However, at Dream Heaven Adventure, we can assist in obtaining the permit for a single trekker by charging the cost of two trekkers for the restricted permit. Alternatively, you can choose our fixed departure schedule option, where you can apply for a single-person booking charge of $140, ensuring the availability of permits.

You also have the option to join a group managed by Dream Heaven Adventure for the Manaslu trek. In this case, you must adhere to our fixed departure dates, but we can try to accommodate your preferred dates if the given schedule doesn't align with your plans.

Please note that the Manaslu Short Trek requires an additional special permit, which can be arranged after your arrival. Kindly inform us about your arrival date in advance so that we can expedite the permit process.

Dream Heaven Adventure offers departures from February to June and September to December at reasonable prices. Join us for a memorable and cost-effective trekking experience in the Manaslu region.

For more information on the short Manaslu trek, including the packing list, please feel free to contact us.


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From Kathmandu it takes around seven hours of driving to reach Arughat. The journey is smooth up to Gorkha as we go through highways. But, from Gorkha the path is off road until we reach Arughat. Prior to your trek to Soti Khola, you wil take some rest at Arughat. Trekking through lush valleys and rice paddy fields along the Budi Gandaki river is amazing experience. Then you will climb over the Kyoropani and then descent down to the junction of the Budi Gandaki and Sundi khola to reach Soti Khola. Here at Soti khola you can have a refreshing swim. Overnight stay in Soti Khola.

    Today, you will trek narrow trails down through densely forested hill sides, adorned with some small mountain villages.
    From Soti Khola, you will trek tough steep valley sides, pass Lapbesi village and descend down to the riverbed and then follow the wide and sandy path to reach Machha Khola. Overnight stay at Machha Khola.

      On 3rd day of your trekking, you will cross Machha Khola, and walk upstream to reach Khola Bensi. You will enjoy a hot spring bath at Khola Bensi and then move along the steep valley sides through the forest path.
      You will stop at Doban for a cup of tea and then continue the trek to Lauri. At Lauri, you will switch back to the right side of river through suspension bridge. A little climb from there, then you will reach amazing Jagat’s field. Overnight stay at Jagat.

        Trek from Jagat to DenToday, you will trek around seven hours to reach Deng, a village made up of just 4 houses from Jagat. From Jagat, you will descend down the river through the stone steps and then ascend up the Saguleri hill. During your ascend, you will encounter fascinating view of Sringi Himal ( 7187m). Then you will cross few more rivers and ultimately climb up to Deng.

          Today, you will trek around seven hours to reach Deng, a village made up of just 4 houses from Jagat. From Jagat, you will descend down the river through the stone steps and then ascend up the Saguleri hill. During your ascend, you will encounter fascinating view of Sringi Himal ( 7187m). Then you will cross few more rivers and ultimately climb up to Deng. At Deng you will spend overnight in tea house.

            On reaching Samagaun from Namrung, you will pass through Banjam, Lihi, Sho, Cho and Sayla. Before reaching Lho, you will encounter the most famous monastery of the region where about 200 monks are disciple.
            After crossing the steep path from the monastery, you will reach Lihi. During your way to Lihi, you will witness magnificient views of Ganesh Himal, north Himchuli and Naike peak. From Lihi, you will head towards Sho. In the corner of Sho: there are two ways, one leading to Hinayang monastery and another leading to Manaslu Larye Pass.

            From Sho in about one and half hour of trekking you will reach Lho. And from there, after another 2 hours of trekking you will reach Sayla. From Sayla, in about 1 hour of panoramic trekking you will reach Samagaun. During your trek from Sayla to Samagaun, you will see great views of the amazing mountains like Himalchuli, Nadi Chuli Manaslu, North – Manaslu, Naike Peak, Saulo Himal and Siringi Himal. In addition to that, you will encounter real yaks during your trek from Sayla to Samagaun. Samagaun is big village and the popular commerce centre. Overnight at Samagaun.

              Today, we descend down towards Budhi Gandaki River, cross suspension bridge then ascend up to reach Manaslu Base Camp. From here we follow towards Mani walls and Juniper/brich forest forest. We arrive to Samdo after 5-6 hours trekking.

                From Samdo ater about 3 hours of hike on the steep uphill (15 minutes) and flat land, you will reach Dharmasala. On the way to Dharmasala, you can enjoy the views of Sayalu peak, Naike Peak, Manaslu, Himchuli, Larke Peak and Cho Peak. The additional flavor is added by the fascinating west and north- Himchuli village. It is small newly created village at the altitude of 3800m. This place has the electricity facility as it has its own micro hydropower project operating in the area. The path to Dharmasala is simple expect some minutes to steep walk.
                Then our journey starts with a downhill trek to Budi Gandaki River. Then you will have to cross the river and walk up through Larke bazzar and valley of Salka Khola to reach Dharmasala. From Dharmasala, you walk towards Larke Glacier in the north direction. From Larke Glacier, you can witness Larke Peak and Cho Danda. From here you will ascend the trail to reach Larke La Pass, the highest point of our entire trek. It provides the perfect view of Cheo Himal, Himlung Himal, Kangguru and massive Annapurna II (7937m). From Larke La Pass, we descend down to reach Bhimthang. After a long day of trekking, you will spend your night here at Bhimthang.

                  Today, you descend down to Dudh Khola and cross the forest of pine and Rhododendron to reach Dharapani. Overnight at Dharapani.

                    On last day of your trekking, you will catch a jeep from Dharapani and drive to Besisahar. Then after, you will take a bus or jeep and drive along the bank of Marsyandhi river to get back to Kathmandu.

                      Cost Details


                      • Transportation by jeep from Kathmandu to Sotikhola
                      • Local transport from Dharapani to Besisahar and bus from Besisahar to Kathmandu ( Private jeep/car option also available)
                      • 9 nights accomodation ( tea house) in the mountain
                      • Professtional/experience trekking guide ( for your trek)
                      • Strong porter for your trek ( 1 porter for 2 traveler)
                      • Special Restricated area permit for the trek
                      • ACAP and MCAP permit for the trek
                      • Usage of first aid kit
                      • Equipments, insurance and transport for the staff
                      • Necessary paper works and office service charges


                      • Your personal expenses
                      • Travel insurance for the trek

                      Good to Know

                      Physical Fitness for the Manaslu Short Trek

                      Physical fitness for the Manaslu Short Trek isn't about building six-pack abs or running marathons. It's about conditioning your body to withstand the trek's unique demands, enabling you to fully enjoy this incredible adventure. The right blend of endurance, strength, flexibility, altitude acclimatization, and mental stamina paves the way for a successful Manaslu Trek. So gear up, prepare well, and brace yourself for the unforgettable beauty that the Manaslu Short Trek has to offer.

                      By ensuring you meet these physical fitness requirements, you're not only increasing your chances of completing the trek but also enhancing your overall experience. Remember, the Manaslu Short Trek isn't just about reaching the destination—it's about enjoying the journey itself.

                      Here, we delve into the essentials of physical preparedness necessary for the Manaslu Trek.

                      Getting Prepared for Manaslu's Unique Challenges

                      The Manaslu Short Trek offers a distinct blend of challenges and rewards. Being the eighth highest mountain in the world, the trek to Manaslu is strenuous, making physical preparedness key to a successful journey. Participants must be well-prepared for altitude changes, long walking days, and rugged terrains.

                      Cardiovascular Endurance

                      Cardiovascular fitness is a cornerstone for any high-altitude trek, including the Short Manaslu Trek. Training should ideally commence months ahead. Activities such as jogging, swimming, cycling, or any form of aerobic exercise can build your endurance, making long hiking days less strenuous.

                      Strength Training

                      Your leg muscles, core, and upper body all play crucial roles during the trek. Regular strength training targeting these areas will help you maintain balance on uneven terrains, carry backpacks effortlessly, and minimize injury risk. Leg exercises like squats, lunges, and step-ups can build your lower body strength. Planks, sit-ups, and push-ups can bolster your core and upper body strength.

                      Altitude Acclimatization

                      The Manaslu Short Trek exposes you to higher altitudes, potentially leading to Altitude Sickness. While fitness doesn't guarantee immunity from altitude sickness, being in a good physical condition helps your body adjust better. Practice hikes at increasing elevations can prepare your body for the altitude changes on the trek.


                      Stiff muscles can be your undoing during a trek. Incorporating regular stretching into your fitness routine can enhance flexibility, reduce muscle soreness, and help prevent injuries. Yoga is an excellent way to improve flexibility and balance, both critical for tackling the Manaslu terrain.

                      Mental Stamina

                      Often overlooked, mental endurance is just as vital as physical readiness. The harsh conditions, altitude changes, and the trek's sheer length can take a mental toll. Practicing mindfulness, resilience, and a positive attitude can keep you motivated throughout your journey.

                      Accommodation and meals in Manaslu

                      Short Manaslu Trek is in the Himalayan belt with a difficult geographical situation. Despite that, you can find several teahouses on this trek route.
                      Since the region doesn't have a good infrastructure, you will only find typical Nepali food. Local people are the owners of the teahouses. So they may not have the experience to make international cuisines. You will have an opportunity to savour local cuisine, which has cultural significance.

                      Typical Nepali food, i.e., Daal, Bhat, and Tarkari, will give you the energy to walk this route. You would need many carbohydrates and proteins to step up the hill and down. So, you can also try the famous 'Gundruk' and 'Dhindo,' which is healthy and energy-giving food.

                      Occasionally the teahouses in Manaslu Circuit trek route hire chefs from other areas. So, if you go around that time, you can have different foods than typical Nepali food and 'gundruk dhido.'

                      Teahouses offer food cuisines like Tibetan, Indian, and a few international cuisines. You should try some butter tea that can keep you healthy as you get up in the cold and altitude.

                      One important thing about food is that it is more expensive than at lower altitudes. Since the transportation facilities aren't excellent, porters and animals carry the essential items to the altitude.

                      Requirements of Travel Insurance

                      Travel insurance is a crucial document that covers the unexpected incidents that can happen while you trek in Nepal, especially at high altitudes.
                      Travelling isn't always safe. You don't know what will happen on the way. Trek to Manaslu Circuit (MCT) route is one of the challenging trekking routes as it is in the remote Himalayan region.

                      If you are trekking on this route, you shouldn't forget the travel insurance document. You never know what can happen in the isolated Himalayan belt. This particular document will cover medical and other natural disaster events. At such times, you need helicopter evacuation, and helicopter rescue comes in handy. But the good part of travel insurance is that you'll save thousands of dollars for emergency rescue.

                      If your health status worsens during the trek, it will cover your necessary travel expenditures. They can be medical treatment, trip cancellations, and helicopter evacuation costs. Trust me, and you can need these when you are in a life-threatening situation on this trek.

                      Travel insurance will save your bank balance. It is crucial to solving some trivial to huge health safety issues that occur while you are travelling.   


                      • Q1. Can I trek Manaslu without a guide?

                        Manaslu Trek is in the isolated landscape in central west Nepal. You may find a problematic geographical region there. Also, since it has many restricted areas between the routes, you need a licence holder guide.

                        An experienced and licensed guide or porter will provide you with all the information about the trek. They will also take care of your health while you are trekking. Hence, you can't go on this trek without a proper guide.

                      • The distance might vary with the itinerary, but the whole span covered is around 110 miles (177km). The days it takes to cover the entire trek route are different, according to the trekking company.

                      • If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before undertaking the Manaslu Circuit Trek. They can provide personalized advice based on your condition and medical history. It's important to be aware of the potential risks and challenges associated with high-altitude trekking and make an informed decision.

                      • Yes, emergency evacuation services are available during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. In case of any serious illness, injury, or altitude-related complications, helicopter rescue services can be arranged. However, it is crucial to have travel insurance that covers emergency medical evacuation to ensure you are financially protected in such situations.

                      • The Manaslu Treks offers cultural highlights as it passes through several traditional villages inhabited by the ethnic Gurung and Tibetan communities. You can experience their unique cultures, visit ancient monasteries and chortens, and witness their traditional lifestyle and customs.

                      • It is not recommended to do the short Manaslu Trekking during the monsoon season (June to August) due to heavy rainfall and the increased risk of landslides and difficult trail conditions. The monsoon season generally has poor visibility and may affect your overall trekking experience.

                      • Some essential items to pack for the Manaslu Circuit Trek include sturdy trekking boots, warm clothing layers, a good quality sleeping bag, a backpack, trekking poles, a first aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle, and snacks. It is important to pack light but ensure you have all the necessary gear for the trek. Check out our pacling list

                      • Yes, you can hire a porter to carry your backpack during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Hiring a porter can help lighten your load and make your trek more comfortable, especially if you prefer to focus on enjoying the scenery and the experience rather than carrying a heavy backpack. It is recommended to hire a porter through a reliable trekking agency or with the assistance of a guide to ensure fair treatment and proper working conditions for the porter.

                      • Manaslu Trek is 177 kilometres long if you start this trek from Soti Khol and end at Besisahar.

                      • Yes, altitude sickness is a potential risk during the short Manaslu Circuit Trek due to the high altitude sections. Proper acclimatization, gradual ascent, staying hydrated, and recognizing the symptoms of altitude sickness are crucial. It is advised to consult with a healthcare professional before the trek.

                      • The starting cost of Manaslu Trek is between USD 750 to USD 1300. However, your preferences for meals, transportation, trek guides, and porters may affect the price.

                      • The Manaslu Short Trek is considered a moderately difficult trek. It involves crossing high mountain passes, steep ascents and descents, and varying trail conditions. Adequate physical fitness, acclimatization, and preparation are necessary for a successful trek.

                      • The best time for the Manaslu Trek is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. These months offer stable weather, clear skies, and favorable trekking conditions.

                      • While previous trekking experience is not mandatory, it is recommended to have a good level of fitness and some prior trekking experience. The Manaslu Circuit Trek involves long walking days, challenging terrain, and high-altitude sections, which can be physically demanding.

                      • There are no specific age restrictions for crossing the Larke Pass, the highest point on the Manaslu Circuit Trek. However, it requires physical fitness, proper acclimatization, and experience in high-altitude trekking. It's advisable to assess your abilities and consult with trekking professionals before attempting the pass, especially for elderly individuals or those with limited trekking experience.

                      • It is not recommended to drink tap water during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It is advisable to consume only bottled or purified water to prevent waterborne diseases. Boiled or filtered water is also available at teahouses and lodges along the route, which is a safer option for hydration.

                      • While it is not mandatory, it is recommended to book the Manaslu Circuit Trek in advance, especially during the peak trekking seasons. This ensures the availability of necessary permits, accommodations, and reliable trekking agencies or guides. Booking in advance also allows for better planning and preparation for a smooth trekking experience.

                      • Yes, it is possible to extend your visa in Nepal if you decide to extend your trek or stay longer. You can visit the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu or the Immigration Office in Pokhara to apply for a visa extension. It is important to check the current visa regulations and requirements before making any arrangements.

                      Client Reviews

                      • Danielle Williamson
                        Danielle WilliamsonUnited States |May 31, 2023

                        Great trek to Manaslu with Dream Heaven Team

                        Our group of seven individuals from the USA went on an extraordinary adventure with this Dream Adventure while trekking to Manaslu. It was an unforgettable experience, and we were genuinely impressed with the level of service provided by the team.

                        Right from the initial communication before our departure, we knew we were in capable hands. The agency's efficiency and responsiveness made the pre-trek preparations smooth and hassle-free. Upon arriving at the destination, we were met with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing the agency's commitment to delivering a top-notch trekking experience.

                        Our guides, Dipak and porter Sandesh, played an integral role in making this journey truly remarkable. Their expertise, guidance, and support were invaluable, especially during the challenging snowy conditions at Larkya La pass. With their assistance, we felt safe and confident throughout the trek, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Manaslu region.

                        Every step of the way, Dipak and Sandesh went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and enjoyment. Their cheerful demeanor and camaraderie added a special touch to the entire trekking experience, forging a bond that we will cherish forever. We are immensely grateful for the memories created and look forward to future adventures with your outstanding outfit.

                      • Alex Friedrich
                        Alex FriedrichItaly |March 31, 2023

                        Short trek to Manaslu 10 Days

                        We did 10-day Manaslu Circuit Trek in March 2023, which was a magnificent adventure. The planning and execution by Dream Heaven Adventure made it a hassle-free journey. Starting from airport pickup to the completion of the hike, everything was perfectly aligned. Suman was swift in replying to my pre-trip queries, which I found helpful.

                        Dipak, our guide, was experienced and ensured we were comfortable throughout, even when the trail disappeared under the snow. His commitment extended to dining with us, unlike other guides. The lodging on the trek was comfortable, with a wider food menu than anticipated. Dipak’s daily debriefings fostered a strong bond within our team. Sitaram, our porter, was extremely attentive to our luggage and companionable.

                        I highly recommend Dream Heaven Adventure for treks in Nepal, particularly with Dipak as guide and Sitaram as a porter, as they made our trip memorable with their expertise, assistance, and jovial spirit.

                      • F
                        FarinapferdeGermany |May 30, 2018

                        Wondeful Experience with Dream Heaven Adventure !

                        I Chose the Dream Adventure Trek and i think it was totally worth it. Suman helped me to organise all the things and provided me with good services. Our guide Shyam help me a lot with the trek as he know everything in the mountains there was never a problem. If I come To Nepal I will surely choose again, Thank you for the service and everything. very much Recommended !

                      • R
                        Rajat CMalaysia |April 24, 2018

                        Amazing Trek Experience

                        I did the manasalu trek with dream heaven adventure.It was a wonderful experience. They provided me with good guides who could speak English, and help me buy the materials. Even we were not so lucky with the weather, the Himalayas were awesome. Thank you for the kind service and gesture. Highly recommended !

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