Jungle Safari in Nepal

Nepal Jungle Safari Tour is an adventure sports that takes any adventurer who like to explore the unexplored trails and unspoiled natural horizons of forests. Nepal is not only known for trekking in snow-capped Himalayas but also an exquisite Jungle Safari through the pristine National parks.

Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal is the best destination for Wildlife Jungle Tour as Nepal is a country of exceptional biodiversity with beautiful natural resources. Northern side of Nepal Himalaya’s lowland is commonly known as Terai which is densely vegetated with tropical forests providing habitat to diverse variety of wildlife, flora and different types of birds, where you will find some of the most exciting safari destinations in the world.

Nepal has 16 national parks, conservation areas and wildlife reserves, which offering scenic views of the rarest and most endangered wildlife on earth. In Protected National Parks of Nepal, you can observe the wildlife , Some of the animals you may come across include endangered one horned rhinoceros, deer, various types of birds, monkeys, crocodile and thrilling wilderness experience and if you are lucky , a royal Bengal tiger can seen.

Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve are best known for the activity of Jungle Safari in Nepal Himalaya. Nepal Jungle safari Tour will be an extraordinary experience which you cannot forget in your lifetime.