10 Reasons to Visit Nepal

  • Last Updated on Mar 18, 2024

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Blessed with grand Himalayan ranges, fascinating nature, exotic forest, glacial lakes & rivers and incredible cultures, Nepal is truly a magical to visit for every-sort of travel seekers. Without Doubt, Nepal is one of the exotic country in the world and these reasons will prove it.

Here are 10 tempting reasons why you should visit Nepal in for your holiday.

The Historical Gem

The history buffs are going to fall in love with the collection of historical sites and will be left no doubt or second though as to why visit Nepal. Be it ancient temples, museums, medieval King’s palace or statues, every sites in Nepal speaks about its engrossing history.
Places to visit: Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur city in Kathmandu valley, the birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini and the temple of salvation in Muktinath.

Super Economical

This is the best part that makes you fall in love with Nepal – over and over again! Everything is damn cheap in Nepal. From flight tickets to accommodation and foods – you will get great discounts on everything. It is said that a penny saved is a penny earned.
You will get standard accommodation in Just USD. 10-15 per day and food will cost you around USD 20-30 for three meals.

The Himalayas

The Himalayas should be an incredible reason to visit Nepal. Nepal is home to eight out of fourteen highest peaks and all are attached to the Tibetan border.
These wide collection of Himalayas offer great opportunity for adventure sport, hiking, trekking and climbing expedition. Everest expedition and trekking to its base camp is bucket-list for every adventure enthusiast.
Places to Visit: Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, Manaslu Region, Kanchenjunga Region

Exotic Wildlife

Nepal is not only known for Himalayas and cultural richness, but also for its exotic wildlife with numbers of widespread spices and some of the most popular ones are Royal Bengal Tiger and Elephants. Elephant Jungle Safari, deep jungle walk, elephant bathing, bird-watching, canoeing ride in jungle, and jeep safari are some jungle adventures that you will love to take-in during your wildlife tour to Nepal.
Places to Visit: Chitwan National Park (UNESCO), Bardiya National Park and Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve are famous national park in Nepal

Yoga and Meditation

Thanks to rising trends of spiritual travels, Nepal have been a haunting paradise for those who seeks Yoga and meditation in the lap of Himalayas. Pure air to inhale, tranquil natural settings and experienced Yoga and Meditation trainers make Nepal a great spot for those who wish to stay healthy and seeks spirituality.
Nepal has a long history of spirituality. There are many places in Nepal that offers great Yoga practice and meditation in Nepal.
Place to Visit: Everest Yoga trek, Budhanilkatha near Kathmandu, Lumbini – the birthplace of Buddha, Pokhara – the city of Lakes.
But there are hundreds of lesser known places where you can perform Yoga and Meditation in Nepal.

Best Hospitality

Hospitality is the best part of Nepal.  The friendly & kind nature and warm hospitality are common trait of Nepalese not only in the country but all over the world.
“Athithi Devo Bhavha” meaning “Guests are God” has been one of the central tenets of Nepalese culture since time immemorial. In Nepal, the guests are provided utmost respect and offered the best services.
Whether you are visiting big cities or travelling to remote part of country, you are enthralled by the great hospitality of locals.
Place to Visit: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Home stays travel, Tamang Heritage Site Trek etc.

The Gastronome’s Heaven

Food is the essence in Nepal. You will get to eat mouthwatering cuisines and dishes at every nook and corner of this food-loving country. From fine dining to street food and cultural food, you have to try the ever famous delicacies when in Nepal.
Newari Food, Thakali Cuisine along with Momo (Dumpling) are popular all over Nepal.
Place to Visit: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhaktapur and all over

An adventurer’s Resort

Name an adventure sport and you will find it in Nepal; all in best natural locations. From Paragliding to Bunjee Jumping, Zip flying to White Water River Rafting and Ultra Flight to Himalayan tracks cycling, Nepal is ultimate destination for adventure lovers.
Place to Visit: Bhote-Koshi gorge for Bunjee Jumping, Sun Koshi River Rafting, Pokhara for Paragliding, Ultra Flight & Zip Flying

Fairyland of Boundless Culture and Festival

Nepal is known for Unity in Diversity. You will find numbers of people following different religions and culture – all celebrating each other’s festival with great love and affections.
About 70 percent of Nepal’s population is Hindu, 10 percent is Buddhist and 4 percent is Muslim, while the rest of others are Christian, Sikh and Jains.
You will find ritual going on in most temples and hear Mantras throughout the streets. You will really find fascinating to see how Nepalese pray and make offerings.
Higher in northern part of Nepal, you will find great Buddhism influence in local communities. They believe that the gods reign over the Himalayas and that whenever you want to access them; you must take the permission.
In 365 days, almost every-day is festival in Nepal. Dashin & Tihar are most celebrated festival in Nepal. Dashain span over 10 days and Tihar is celebrated for 5 days.
In Dashin, young receives Tika (as a blessings) from elder one and all the members of family unite together and celebrates it happily. In Tihar, Deushi & Vailo (ritual song and dance) are performed which you will find really interesting. Tihar concludes after brothers receive blessing for wellness and long-life from their sisters.
Beside Dashin & Tihar, Holi is another significant festival in Nepal and it is celebrated with so much fervor.

Last But Not The Least – The Ever Smiling Faces

Traveling or trekking to Nepal is incomplete without getting close with locals and making some new friends on the journey. From big heart to ever smiling face, we bet you will find the warm locals with their broad open arms. They stand aside you just to say “Namaste” with a smile on their face.

Suman Aryal

Suman Aryal

With over 15 years of experience in the tourism sector of Nepal, Suman is the Managing Director of Dream Heaven Adventure. His passion for trekking has taken him to nearly all of Nepal's popular regions, making him an authorized trekking and tour operator.

Suman has a particular affinity for traveling to the Himalayas, where he has gained deep knowledge about the region's religion, culture, and history. As a part-time blogger, Suman shares his research on the cultural and religious diversity of Nepal, providing his personal touch with insights from his decade-long experience. He also enjoys answering readers' queries with his expert knowledge and personal touch.