Best Yoga Retreats in Nepal to Rejuvenate your Mind

  • Last Updated on Aug 20, 2023

A yoga retreat is all about relaxation, motivation and being the best version of yourself. Everyone knows about the popularity of Best Yoga retreat in Nepal but the best ones will be served to you on one platter in this article. Nepal boasts of the majestic Himalayas where you will be able to instantly detach from the noise of the busy cities and immerse in its beauty.

Everybody needs a yoga retreat once in a lifetime, even if not everyone has a reason to go for it. The hustle bustle on the outside penetrates our physical bodies and become the inside noise. It has become so important to find a way to replenish and rejuvenate our mind, body and soul.

No holiday destination can be more perfect than a yoga retreat where you learn to become the true version of yourself and the learning stays with you forever.

Here are some of the best yoga retreats in Nepal to rejuvenate your mind:

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Yoga retreat at Begnas Lake

A retreat at Begnas Lake will turn out to be your ideal escape in search of peace. You can take a package of one or two weeks which will include your stay in Kathmandu and transportation to this resort. On this Yoga tour in Nepal, your mornings will start with a power packed 2-hour Ashtanga yoga and meditation session followed by a scrumptious brunch. For experiencing the best about yoga, you can also enrolled yourself in Yoga Teacher Training in India.

This retreat also includes other outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, or boating. You can also visit the ayurvedic spa at the Begnas Lake Resort to pamper yourself. Your evenings will include yoga postures, techniques and Buddhist philosophy.

Atmashree Yoga Retreat

Atmashree Yoga Retreat is one of the most popular yoga centres in Pokhara where you will be surrounded by the serene Phewa Lake and green mountains. This place will give you an authentic experience of a yoga retreat.

The retreat includes five lessons per day, in which two days you will practice sun or moon salutations and traditional poses, while the other days you will focus on breathing, meditation and philosophy, yoga as a lifestyle.

Everest Yoga Trek

If you get the opportunity to go on the Everest Yoga Trek, you will experience that nothing is better than this. Everest Yoga Trek is a once-in-a-lifetime trek in the Everest region, which should be on the top of your bucket list if you love yoga and trekking and should be ticked off soon.

You will get a chance to learn about Tibetan-Buddhist culture in depth, and will be staying at teahouses and boutique lodges. You will practice yoga every morning and afternoon.

This is the most challenging trek and retreat as compared to others as you will be above 11,000 feet which means you will have less oxygen for trekking and yogic breathing. Nevertheless, it is also the most rewarding and spiritually fulfilling retreat as it is the only one where you will get the views of Mount Everest.

Purna Yoga Retreat

You will have many choices to choose from different packages which depend on your time commitment; which include retreats ranging from 3 days to 21 days where all levels of experience will be catered to. Purna Yoga Retreat includes detox and wellness retreats, juice cleanses and cooking classes. You can also go for a sunrise yoga tour to the top of Sarangkot which is Pokhara Valley's highest peak.

Purna Yoga Retreat is a residential centre for yoga and meditation programs. You can come here to start your new yoga adventure or deepen your existing yoga practice or just relax. If you are a yoga beginner, you will be encouraged to explore their asana practice and yoga fundamentals. If you are an experienced yoga practitioner, you can deepen your practice and discover different facets and elements of a complete yoga practice.

Yoga Rafting on the Sun Kosi River

Sun Kosi River is one of the top 10 rivers for whitewater rafting in the world. It is a 9-day yoga rafting trip, which starts in Dolalghat and ends in Chatra. You will start your days on this yoga rafting expedition in Nepal with an early sunrise yoga session that will help in warming up the body and prepare you for a day of rafting.

While you practice sun salutations, Himalayan sun rays will fall on your face which will be enough to awaken your entire body and spirit. The morning is a fantastic time to practice concentration and expansion through different breathing techniques.

In the afternoon after a day on the river your body will have more flexibility and heat which will help you to go deeper into stretches and posture in a more powerful way. On some days you will raft for fewer hours and take part in small workshops which will focus on the alignment, breath and other aspects of yoga.

Yoga Retreat in Kathmandu Valley

Here, you will begin each day with a 30-minute meditation walk followed by a power packed yoga session. Then, you will join another activity, like hiking to Nagi Gompa, a 100-year old Buddhist nunnery in Shivapuri Hills where you will meditate at a Buddhist monastery, or talk with a Buddhist Lama about philosophy and dharma.

Your lunch will be pure vegetarian after which you can either get a massage or have a one-on-one yoga session or an ayurvedic treatment. Your day will end with a restorative yoga session before dinner which is the secret to a peaceful sleep at night and the perfect way to relax your body.

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