Everest Base Camp trek in December

  • Last Updated on Jun 5, 2022

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If you are thinking, “Is the Everest Base Camp trek doable in the extreme cold temperature of December? “The answer would be “yes”; definitely you can trek in the month of December. Although the temperature drops below the zero degree, the precipitation is quite negligible that offers you clear and distinct views of mountains, lakes and provides you a spectacular environment for stunning photograph.

Likewise, the hotel, tea house are also vacant which certainly explains, you don’t have to share a room with others. December might be cold season but if you are fond of traveling in quite areas than believe me you will have an awesome trek.

Let us observe some necessary details of regular and Short Everest base camp trek in December.

Weather of Everest Base Camp in December

As December is winter season the weather in such higher altitudes drops below -0 c. It is freezing cold at morning and night but you can get to enjoy pleasant warm sun around the snowy environment.

According to data, the normal temperature is about -14 c at night. But at sunny day the temperature ranges from15-20 c. The precipitation is quite low at this time pretty much suitable for photography.

December might be cold but tea stalls are opened all time of month which might be so helpful such condition for you to conquer the cold to some extent.

Do I need to carry extra clothing while trekking to EBC in December?

You need standard clothing while trekking to the Everest region .Base layer intermediate insulation layer and outermost layer are included in it .snow proof down jacket and trouser is also very necessary. since there  is change of snow trekking pole might prove to be handy.

Is travel insurance recommended in December while trekking in Everest?

Yes Travel insurance is must while trekking in Everest region throughout the whole year. It provides financial support in case you suffer from altitude sickness if your belongings are stolen. Hence travel insurance is a path that leads you out from the trouble .That’s why it is highly recommended.

Hire a Guide and a Porter

Sometimes it snow quite heavily in December at such high altitude and trekking trails may get covered and you may lost your way. At such time guides can assists you with the confusing trails.

Similarly, porter help you to save your strength that helps you not get affected by altitude sickness in your trip.

Major attractions of EBC trek in December;

Good visibility

The visibility of Everest region is so sharp which offers you clearest views of whole region. You will enjoy walking under the clear sky during this time .But at late December snowfall might come into action and to avoid it you can trek in early December.

Few trekkers

December is off season for trekking and brings you the peaceful and uncrowned environment .The trails are quite and you get chance to spend as much time on trail as you like. Similarly you get the feeling of entering in to the winter wonderland.

More choices for accommodations

At this time of year will find the lodges and tea house quite vacant and peaceful with low price than is season .you don’t have to bargain for them. You will get chance to enjoy better facilities without any complaints in cheap rate.

Easy flights

Fewer tourists in December which means you don’t have to struggle for the flight ticket from Kathmandu to Lukla. But sometimes, due to bad and unfavorable weather for flight you might need to struggle for ticket. Otherwise it’s so effortless.


If you love the peaceful environment, want easy access to flight tickets, accommodation at cheap price than believe me you will not get better chance to get them other than in December. With proper packing and preparation, there is no difficulty in everest trekking in December. Winter will not disturb you trek but makes it even more beautiful.

Suman Aryal

Suman Aryal

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