Everest Base Camp Trek in Summer/Monsoon

  • Last Updated on Aug 20, 2023

While the months of spring and autumn are regarded as the best seasons to do the Everest Base Camp Trek, trekking during Summer/Monsoon is also highly rewarding in terms of natural beauties. Sir Ranulph, a British explores, once quoted, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”, trekking the Everest region during summer is perfect example of it. The rugged terrain gets exceptionally verdant during this time of year. And to witness the nature’s magic; you have to trek the region in summer. However, Lukla flight cancellation and delays are the major concerns while trekking Everest in monsoon.

The month of June indicates the beginning of monsoon in Nepal and reaches at its peak in July before ending in the month of August. Although, these months are considered as off seasons from commercial perspective, the charm and natural beauties of this season comes second to none. In fact, if we overlook the comfort during trek, Everest Base Camp Trek in summer/monsoon any enthusiastic trekkers.
Provided Everest region is merged with the Trans Himalayan region, it is far less affected by the monsoon. Though the Everest base camp trek trails are not the driest, it is still easy to walk. If you are picturing a slushy-muddy trail, you are totally incorrect there. Nevertheless, do not expect shiny peaks to smile at you the whole time but when the cloud clears, the mountains vistas are exceptionally astonishing.

Here are the reasons why you should undertake the Everest Base Camp Short Trek during the months of summer/monsoon season.

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Tranquil Trails

The Everest region trek doesn’t receive as many trekkers in summer as it normally does in spring and autumn. This is because, there is widespread believed that the weather conditions during these months are challenging and not many trekkers prefer to trek in this season. Anyway, you will have the trail all to yourself. Don’t get scared if trails are wet, this only because of the rock formation.
Furthermore, for the view, it is absolutely not as bad as people fear. The mountains will frequently fancy you with a peek from behind the stormy clouds. This vista comes second to none of the mesmerizing panorama. Moreover, you will have the chance to experience the best hospitality at the tea house during this time monsoon/summer of the year. No rush and no big fuss, trek slowly experience each and every aspects of Everest Base Camp Trek.

The Verdant Landscape

Alpine vegetation is at its best in the Everest during summer /monsoon. The otherwise barren-rugged hillside gets covered be Iridescent vegetation. The vibrant blooming of rhododendrons makes the forest colorful and bright, somewhere bright red and somewhere pastel pink. The chirping of are bird and nibbling of yak in the turf of meadows are absolutely fascinating. Despite the lower concentration of oxygen at high elevation. You will feel refreshed by the rejuvenating environment.

Perfect Temperature

The best part of Everest base camp trekking in monsoon/summer is that at this time of year the temperature is absolutely fine for hiking. Usually, the daytime temperature does not exceed 25-degree c even if the weather is sunny and bright. And at elevation more than 4,000m, the morning/evening temperature is around 10-degree c, while the altitude below 3500m receive frequent drizzle for the rainfall it occasionally rains above 4,000 m.

Mesmerizing vistas of the Himalayas

Despite monsoon clouds subdue the horizon most of the time. It only takes one wind blow the clouds to clear out revealing majestic mountains. The vistas of the mountains admit the patches of clouds are surely astonishing. Normally, the morning weather clear, and the possibility of admiring the sunrise in the mountains are high. However, the days might get gloomy, but you will still have an amazing hiking experience.

There is no doubt that monsoon trekking to Everest base camp is memorable, but there are certain things you need to be cautious about during your trek. Lukla flights frequently get delays and canceled during summer. Therefore, having a few additional days in your scheduled itinerary is a must. Anyway, consider few simple cautions and monsoon trek is totally worth it.

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Suman Aryal

Suman Aryal

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