Everest Base Camp Trek Vs Annapurna Base Camp Trek

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Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek rank as two of the most famous “legendary mountain treks’ in the world and obviously in Nepal as well. Both mountains are part of Himalayan range in Nepal and are the one of tallest mountain peaks in the world.

Everest at 8,848m is the tallest mountain and bucket list for many adventure enthusiast. On the other hand, Annapurna I (8,091) being 10th highest peak is one of the deadliest mountain to summit.

We would all love to visit both places; however, we have some restraints. Have you are found yourself confused, having to choose between these two heavyweights – Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp? Let’s take a quick look at both these destinations before we decide!


Everest Base Camp Trek

Mt. Everest needs no description. The tallest mountain in the world has lured many adventurer and daredevils. However, it is highly challenging, time-consuming and unbelievably expensive to summit the Everest. So the concept of the Everest Base Camp Trek emerged to fulfil the lust of adventure seekers. This trek ensures that you will get close to this iconic peaks without having to go through challenging and life threatening path.

Trip Facts

Altitude: 5,364m
Duration: 14 days
Best Season: September – November & March – May
Grade: Challenging (for novice)
Starting Point: Lukla
Total Distance: 160km (round trip, Lukla – Everest Base Camp – Lukla)
Culture: Legendary Sherpa

The trek to Everest Base Camp will be quite strenuous but every step worth – you will be awe-struck with amazing alpine sceneries and peaks. In fact, the moment, you get the glimpse of Mt. Everest, your tiredness fades away and new enthusiasm grows in.

Annapurna base Camp Trek

The base Camp of the one of the deadliest mountain in the world! Its fatality rate is so high – 34 death in each 100 safe returns much higher than Everest.

There’s very few treks in Nepal that combines such a diverse landscapes and takes you to the base camp of 8,000m+ peak in such short time period like ABC Trek. You don’t have to push your limits – it is just a moderate trek in Nepal.
Annapurna I, the highest peak in the world, is it’s glorious that you will gaze it all along for hours. During Annapurna Base Camp Trek, you will not only witness Annapurna up-close but also immerse deep into the magic of Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA). ACA is common home to diverse alpine flora and faunal species and mountain ethnic tribe – Gurung and Magar. They are non for their bravery in British Gurkha regiment.

At Annapurna Base Camp, you will get the 360 degree view of Annapurna massifs including Annapurna I, II, III & IV, Machhapuchhre, Hiuchuli, Nilgiri and more.

Trip Facts

Altitude: 4,130m
Duration: 8 days
Best Season: September – November & March – May
Grade: Moderate (for novice)
Starting Point: Nayapul
Total Distance: 115km (round trip, Nayapul – Annapurna Base Camp – Nayapul)
Culture: Magar and Gurung

Pros and Cons of Visiting Everest Base Camp

For mountain lovers, Everest Base Camp is the mecca of adventure. Everest Base Camp Trek is quite challenging and requires some preparation. But as you reach the base camp, it will be the life-changing experience.


Gaze four 8,000m+ peak in a single trip
Climb Kalapatthar (5,545m) to enjoy Everest and other peaks even up-close
Visit Tengboche monastery (largest monastery in Everest region), Pangboche monastery (16th century) and Khumjung monastery (popular for housing scalp of Yeti)
Stay overnight in local teahouse to get the firsthand experience of Sherpa’s culture and lifestyle
Enjoy the view of tumbling glacier, dreadful icefall and walk on an exotic trail


The trail is quite same – always up and down
Trails remain quite crowded in high season
Flights to Lukla often gets delayed or cancelled (you need so buffer day)

Pros and Cons of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The climate in Annapurna region remains ideal throughout the year (expect for the summer months), so you won’t schedule your itinerary within a short window of time. Better yet, any trip to Annapurna region is full of alpine adventure and wildlife discovery.


ABC Trek is not challenging – anyone with average fitness can opt to trek Annapurna
Very less chance of altitude sickness – due to its trial route
Dramatic view of 55km long Annapurna massif and exploration of Annapurna Conservation Area


Doubt if there’s any
Which trek should you choose?

The right trek always depends on your preference and fitness level. What climatic condition do you want during the trek, what experience are you seeking for and much importantly, how much money and time, you want to spend!

You can choose the trek analyzing the following factors:

Difficulty: Everest Base Camp Trek is way much difficult compared to ABC trek. EBC trek requires greater level of endurance and fitness while average fitness is enough for ABC Trek. If you are veteran trekkers – opt for Everest Base Camp Trek and if you are novice – go for easy Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek.

Scenery: Both offers the view of magnetic Himalayas, however the scenery in Everest Base Camp Trek is often dubbed magical than ABC Trek.

Popularity: Every year about 40k+ trekkers visit Everest Base Camp while only 15k+ trekkers make their way to Annapurna Base camp. Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular and sought trekking package in Nepal.

Acclimatization: Everest Base Camp nestles at an elevation of 5,364m while Annapurna sits at 4,130m. Calculate the difference and need of acclimatization!
Obviously, you need more acclimatization period for Everest Base Camp Trek than Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Moreover, you will gain significant altitude everyday on your trek on EBC (1,200m - 1,500m)while the elevation gain is gradual and you get sufficient time to acclimatize in Annapurna Base Camp Trek (1,000 – 1,200m).

Walking hours and distance covered:

In Everest Base Camp Trek, you will walk for 6 – 7 hours a day covering 12 – 15 km distance. While In ABC Trek, you will walk for 5 – 6 hours a day covering 8 – 12 km distance.

Everest Base Camp Trek vs Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost – Which is expensive?

Everest Base Camp

Transportation: USD. 360 (round trip to Lukla)
Accommodation: USD. 30 PP
Food: USD. 30 PP
Water: USD. 2-3 per day
Guide: USD 25 – 30 per day
Porter: USD. 20 – 25 per day

Annapurna Base Camp

Transportation:USD. 40 (via road route round trip) and USD. 20 (round trip)
Accommodation: USD. 15 PP
Food: USD. 25 PP
Water: USD. 2-3 per day
Guide: USD 25 – 30 per day
Porter: USD 20 – 25 per day

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