How To Pack For Your Everest Base Camp Trek?

  • Last Updated on Dec 20, 2023

An Everest base camp trek is surely an exciting and adventurous trip for anyone. You will get to witness beautiful and huge mountains with delectable mountains as well as be in a vicinity with the Nepali culture. However, you must plan beforehand to avoid messing with your trek trip. Yes! An unorganized trek trip can make your beautiful Everest trip the worst memory ever.

Worry not! We at Dream Heaven Adventure Pvt. Ltd. are always here to help you with the planning and all the logistics. You only have to be ready with the best backpack and the rest will be handled by our experienced as well as expert travel professionals.

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Tips For Everest Base Camp Trek Packing Preparations

Gear up as it’s an Everest base camp trek - the best trek that has a lot to offer to it’s traveler like you! However, you can make the experience even better with apt packing. Are you wondering about what is Everest trek worthy packing? Continue reading to get the answer. 

1. Trek Appropriate Clothing

You are required to wear clothes that will be comfortable for you to wear during your Everest view trek. The clothing includes a base layer, an insulation layer, and an outer layer. You also should never forget to pack trek shorts and trousers with the trek shirts as well as the waterproof jacket-trousers. Also, the undergarments are a must!

2. Gear Up The Right Footwear And Headwear

A hat for the sunny day and a bennie for the chilly night is necessary for the Everest three high passes trek. Besides, the word trekking itself means a lot of walking and climbing on the adventurous mountains. You need to have the right footwear that will be helpful to you during the process. Those footwear include hiking boots, trekking shoes, etc. Moreover, other essentials such as inner as well as outer hand gloves and neck gaiters should be included in your backpack. 

3. Bags To Bring To The Trip

The backpacks such as duffel bag can be a great option if it is waterproof, lockable, and durable. Moreover, another significant option can be a bag that has an opening on the top. There can be plenty of times that you will want to stargaze in the night. In these times, a sleeping bag will be your best partner. So, make sure to include it during the packing. 

Pack Perfect And Leave The Rest Of The Trip Logistics To Us!

Indeed, perfect packing and the best cameras are the only things you will need to worry about when you get us for the trek logistics planning. We at Dream Heaven Adventure Pvt. Ltd. are your prime partners with a team of experienced travel specialists who will be a great help to you during your Everest base camp trek. Reach out to us today for our travel specialists to work for you and plan the logistics of your travel!

Suman Aryal

Suman Aryal

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