Manaslu Base Camp

  • Last Updated on Sep 16, 2022

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Manaslu Base Camp sits at a fair altitude of 4,800 metres. Unlike the flat terrain of Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp, the base camp of Manaslu sits on a semi-arch-shaped hilltop and is not as comprehensive as others.

Trekkers on Manaslu Trek don't hike to Manaslu Base Camp because the Manaslu Trek Itinerary doesn't include the hike to the base camp. However, if everyone on the fixed departure groups requests an additional day to the base camp, you'll get a base camp hike day.

Enriched Flora and Fauna on Manaslu Trek

Not only the mountains but the varieties of flora and fauna also adds value to your trip to Manaslu Circuit and base camp. More than 110 birds, 33 mammals, 11 butterflies, and three reptile species make Manaslu region their home.

Monks in the Manaslu region have made a tremendous effort to conserve wild habitats. Grey wolves, snow leopards, blue sheep, musk deer, and Himalayan Tahr make Manaslu part of their habitat.

What to expect on Manaslu Base Camp Hike

Meals in Manaslu Trek

As you leave Sama Gaun for Manaslu Base Camp, you won't find any tea houses for daily meals. During the Manaslu expedition in Autumn, the local conservation organisation establishes one or two tea shops that offer tea for free.

Hence, meals for the day will be an issue if you get hungry midway. As of which, you should leave Sama Gaun after having early lunch and a decent breakfast.

Total Manaslu Hike Hour

The hike to the base camp takes 12 hours, a whole day.

Manaslu Base Camp from Sama Gaun is a five-hour hike with a gradual climb at most places. If you wish to hike to Birendra Lake, it will take 2-3 hours. So, to save time, trekkers enjoy the inspiring glimpses of this lake from the trekking trail as they hike to the base camp.

It will take four hours for you to return to Sama Gaun for overnight accommodation.

Manaslu Base Camp Route difficulty

The trekking route to the base camp from Sama Gaun is a moderate-grade route. The trails are well maintained and also have navigation markings to prevent trekkers from getting lost on the trek trail.

Also, it's a day-long hike that certainly tires you.    

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Summer/Monsoon

Manaslu circuit trek in the summer/monsoon season is not a recommended time for trekkers. There's a high risk of a landslide at lower altitudes that washes the trekking routes. Also, the trekking trails become slippery. Further, in the monsoon, you'll encounter countless leeches on the trek route and a few sucking your blood.

It would help if you crossed some big and small streams from the melted glaciers to hike to the base camp. There are no bridges over the small streams from the melting glacier. Hence, it'll be difficult for you to cross these cold streams barefoot in summer and monsoon.

But in winter and Autumn, these streams almost dry up or get covered in snow, making it fun for trekkers to enjoy the hike.

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