Points to Be Considered while Trekking to Everest Base Camp

  • Last Updated on Apr 19, 2022

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The followings are the important points to Be Considered while Trekking to Everest Base Camp

1. Trip Preparation

Of course trekking in mountainous region is not an easy task. It requires proper training, trekking experience and requires your own mental preparation. The sudden change in weather condition and altitude sickness can create problem on your journey, so we request you to be fully prepared for these possible difficulty during your trekking. At least 1 or 2 months of physical training-running, cycling, gym, walking ups and downs is suggested before starting your trek.

2. Best Trekking Time

The timing of your trekking in Nepal determines whether your journey is going to be enjoyable or not. Proper itinerary including few days for acclimatization is another determining factor of course. March to May and mid September to December is considered the best season for trekking to Everest Base Camp. Also the itinerary of about 10-14 days including few days for acclimatization is considered perfect for you. If u can manage some more days, then you can explore nearby Gokyo Lake region crossing Chola Pass. Get more information about Everest Base Camp Cho-La Pass Gokyo Trek

3. Never Trek Alone

Trekking guide is to be chosen wisely, preferably the local experts. Local experts will know all the geographical, physical and social conditions of the area and hence it will be very easy for you to accomplish your journey. So take enough information about your guide from the trekking agency.

Proper trekking leader, trekking guide and porter are most important as they the people whom you are going to contact whenever you need help. All the problems that arise on your journey will be solved by your trekking crew. If you get sick or face any problem, it has to be consulted with your crew and they will really assist you.

4. Walking Pace

Pace of your walk determines the success of your trekking. We suggest you not to walk in hurry, make your own pace, take enough rest at regular intervals of time and most importantly you have to let the yaks and horses go ahead if approached on the way. Moreover, drinking enough water (4-5 liters) is the most. It keeps you away from the possible dehydration problem and helps you remain fresh.

5. Proper Gear

All the required accessories, gloves, jackets, bags, sticks, etc are to be with you before setting your journey. You can buy all the accessories here at Kathmandu or you can buy them at your own place as well.

6. Travel Insurance

Insurance is most before conducting this trek. So be sure that your trekking insurance covers all important compensation including medical rescue evacuation in case. Trekkers are advised to trek in a group to ensure safety backup like Oxygen and Pressurized Altitude Chamber in case.

7. Choose the best Trekking Agency

Choosing appropriate trekking agency is one of the most important Points to Be Considered while setting Everest Base Camp Trek. We can provide you some important points to keep in your mind while choosing your trekking company.

Choose a registered trekking agency.

  • Go well on the company’s review before making a decision.
  • Get information about the company’s backup plan regarding possible medical assistance.
  • Get a proper profile of the company leader before making a decision.
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Suman Aryal

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