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  • Last Updated on Sep 12, 2022

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Tea house-based accommodation in Manaslu Trek is the most liked style by trekkers. Not more than a few decades ago, trekkers had to be self-sufficient to reach either Manaslu Base Camp, Larke Pass, or complete the whole circuit.

Still, the Manaslu Circuit Trek route is one of the minor commercial trekking routes in terms of accommodation, meals, and overall services.

But, in the recent decade, the availability of electricity, the growth of trekking culture, increased expedition activities, and the betterment of the trekking route have made the tea houses a bit more sophisticated at lower altitudes.

You'll get decent accommodation services at higher altitudes, but still, they lack to offer sophisticated services due to transportation issues.

Let’s break down the accommodations in Manaslu Circuit Trek in 2022 for every trekker joining this trip with Dream Heaven.

Accommodation in Kathmandu

On your arrival, a representative from Dream Heaven receives you and drops you at the hotel you'll be staying on this trip in Kathmandu.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Package you buy from us, or any other local agency doesn't include your accommodation in Kathmandu. However, we can recommend some of the best budget-friendly, star-rated hotels.

For decent accommodation, you can get the hotels in Kathmandu, particularly in Thamel, for $40-50.

Let’s explore the names of tea houses that remain open in service in Manaslu Circuit Trek Route.

Tea houses at Soti Khola/Machha Khola

The first day of your Manaslu Base Camp Trek takes you to either Soti Khola or Machha Khola, depending on how early you head on the road.

There are nearly five lodges/tea houses in Soti Khola and four to five in Machha Khola. These are the first stops, so the accommodation and meal service will be better here.

Tea houses at Soti Khola

Tea houses at Machha Khola

Satkar Guest House

Larke Guest House

Tsum Valley Guest House

Tsum Valley Guest House

Fulbari Guest House

Hilltop Guest House

Green Valley Guest House

Everest Guest House

ABC Guest House


Tea houses in Jagat

Jagat will be your third day on the Manaslu Trek route if you stop at Soti Khola and Machha Khola each day. But, if you've stayed at Machha Khola, it'll be your second stop.

The tea houses here offer satellite telephones with decent WIFI. Also, they provide hot showers and clean & comfortable beds. Four tea houses in Jagat accommodate trekkers even during the peak season.

Jagat is also where you must show your restricted area permit (MRAP).

There are four tea houses in Jagat.

  1. Jagat Guest House
  2. Rubii Nala Guest House
  3. Manaslu Shanti Guest House
  4. Himalayan Tourist Guest House

Tea houses in Deng

Tea houses at Deng provide comfortable overnight beds with clean and warm blankets and mattresses. You may get attached bathrooms, but you won't get hot showers.

However, to keep your Instagram feed updated, you can access WIFI at the tea house where you stay.

There are only three tea houses here. But don't worry, you won't struggle to get rooms while trekking to Manaslu Circuit.

  1. New Manaslu Guest House
  2. Shangri La Cottage
  3. Windy valley Guest House

Tea Houses in Namrung

Tea houses at Namrung for accommodation in Manaslu Trek offer wifi and hot showers. You can enjoy the hot showers to wash the sweat from the steep hike on the route.

Namrung also hosts three tea houses.

  1. Namrung Guest House
  2. Nubri Four Season Resort
  3. Namrung Thakali Guest House

Tea houses in Lho

The satellite phones, wifi, and hot showers make tea houses in Lho the best.

  1. Majestic Manaslu Guest House
  2. Lama Guest House
  3. Namaste Guest House
  4. Tashi Dalek Guest House

Tea houses in Samagaun

Even at 3,530 metres, high Sama Gaun hosts tea houses that provide wifi, hot showers, and decent accommodation services.

Here you'll find seven different tea houses.

  1. Gurung Cottage Guest House
  2. Sama Gaun Guest House
  3. Norling Guest House
  4. Nobri Valley Guest House
  5. Mt. Manaslu Guest House
  6. Peace Haven Guest House
  7. Tasho Dalek Guest House

Tea houses in Samdo

Out of four, only three tea houses at Samdo offer wifi.

  1. Yak Hotel
  2. Jambala Guest House
  3. Tibetan Twin Hotel

Tea houses in Dharamshala

The only tea houses that don't offer any wifi or hot showers are at Dharamshala. These tea houses are the most basic and provide essential services, both meals and accommodation.

  1. Larke Guest House
  2. Jambala Guest House

Tea houses in Bimthang

Tea houses at Bumthang offer wifi, hot showers, and comfortable accommodations. There are five tea houses here, so you won’t have trouble accommodating one.

  1. Mountain Ponker Cottage
  2. Apple Garden
  3. Sushma Guest House
  4. Ganga Manaslu
  5. Himalayan Guest House

Tea houses in Dharapani

Dharapani will be the last stop for accommodation in Manaslu Trek. The wide range of tea houses and lodges offers wifi, hot showers, and attached bathrooms. You can take a hot shower to wash away the sweat from the early hikes. Also, you can publish the photos from the trek using the internet from the lodges.

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