Manaslu Larke Pass Trek: The Ultimate Off The Beaten Trekking

  • Last Updated on Sep 21, 2022

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Larke Pass, also known as Larkya La, at 5,106 metres, is the highest elevation a trekker reaches in Manaslu Trek.

Among all the high Himalayan Passes in Nepal, Larke Pass tops the list of the longest Himalayan Passes. As a trekker in Manaslu Trek, crossing Larke Pass can be a remarkable experience for you.

First, being able to hike one of the highest and longest Himalayan Passes over 5,106 metres is an inspiring and inspiring feat.

Second, Larke Pass on Manaslu Trek shows two faces, one beautifully covered with early spring snow. Another, free of snow and clear weather, in Autumn.

Manaslu Larke Pass Trek in Spring

Early Spring can be challenging for you to cross Larke Pass because of the deep snow deposition of the winter. In some conditions, trekkers often have to use crampons on their boots to navigate through this pass.

However, with an experienced trek guide, crossing this pass, even with a crampon, is a beautiful experience. It offers the magical prospect of Manaslu, Annapurna II, Ganesh Himal, and Larke Peak, all covered in deep snow. Not only mountains, but you'll also get a chance to witness frozen and snow-covered Larke Lake and Ponkar Lake.

From late April, the snow melts on the trekking route, but still, the mountains scintillate brightly.

Manaslu Larke Pass Trek in Autumn

The same trekker who hikes Manaslu Circuit and Larke Pass in Spring doesn't believe in the fresh outlook of Larke if he treks it in Autumn. Either is the trekking season; the inspiring aesthete of Manalsu never fails to amaze you.

If you love greenery and a comfortable hike on Manaslu Trek, you can plan your trip in Autumn. The outlook at Larke Pass in Autumn months contrasts with that of Spring. The greenery of wildflowers and small grasses around this High Pass adds life to it.

The turquoise water of Larke Lake and Ponkar Lake in Autumn can be your heart stealer. Larke Lake is not significantly vast and extensive, but the aesthetic element it adds to the landscape is beyond imagination.

Also, the rain completely stops in late March, which clears the weather and fosters the undisturbed viewing experience of towering mountains and landscapes.

How to reach Larke Pass in Manaslu Circuit Trek?

There's nothing special like Larke Pass Trek in any year's season. This high Himalayan Pass culminates in the Manaslu Circuit Trek that sits between Samdo and Bhimtang.

Trekkers typically reach Larke Pass and cross it on the 8th day of Manaslu Circuit Short Trek. On the 8th day, the trekker leaves Larkya Phedi to Bhimtang by crossing Larkya La Pass at 5,106 metres.

The day hike begins with a gradual climb on Larke Glacier on the North Side. The significant number of glaciers en route mesmerises you. The inspiring glimpses of Cho Danda and Larkya Peak entertain the hike on gradual steep terrain.

The route's final section gets steeper, but the climb is worth the viewing. Cheo Himal, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Annapurna, and other mountain glimpses make the day hike the best.

The trail then descends to Bhimtang, where trekkers stop for overnight accommodation.

Best time for Manaslu Larke Pass Trek

As stated above, Manaslu Trek and Larke Pass Trek are doable in Autumn and Spring.

The snow-filled early Spring of Manaslu and the wildflower cum wild grass greenery in Autumn can be your preference. If the snow's your preference and you want to explore Manaslu Trek in Spring, you may plan your trip in either March, April, or May.

If you want to hike on serene trails with a fresh and green outlook, the Autumn months, September, October, and November, can be your ideal time.

The temperature remains almost stable in both seasons, and weather conditions become clear and much-improved visibility. The best views of mountains, landscapes, flora, and fauna are possible in either of these months. Also, these two seasons are when you could find more people on the route and locals to chat with.

An ideal cultural and natural escapade of Manaslu Trek along crossing Larke Pass in Autumn and Spring are highly recommended times in the year.

Suman Aryal

Suman Aryal

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