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  • Last Updated on Sep 7, 2022

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The 117 km long Manaslu trek route passes through diverse terrains and climatic zones. Your trek starts at an altitude of 6,00 metres at Soti Khola and goes high to Larke Pass at 5,179 metres.

Hiking on the rugged Manaslu circuit trek Route for two long weeks is tiring. Also, as the altitude increases, the wind speed increases and the temperature decreases.

In such situations, you must be well equipped with decent trekking gear that covers the lower body, upper body, head, feet, hands, and overnight sleep.

Plan your essentials for Manaslu trek

Putting necessary items on the backpack before leaving for the trek is challenging. The reason is that we feel we need everything on tour. But it's not. We barely use everything we carry in our backpacks.

The tiredness, sweats, and laziness at the end of the day become so rigid that we barely collect the guts to get changed every day.

Hence, a decent Manaslu Trek packing list is a must for Manaslu trekkers, and here we present you with that list.

Sun protection gears on Manaslu Circuit Trek

  1. Hat/Cap: Sun hats and caps are essential to protect the face from intense UV rays at high altitudes. You must cover your scalp, neck, and face with the hat.
  2. Sunscreen/Lotion/Moisturisers: UV protection standard sunscreen and lotions are a must to put on a face. SPF standard sunscreen protects the face from rays reflected from snow.
  3. Sunglasses: UV protection and polarised glasses are recommended.

Upper and Lower Body Gear on Manaslu Trek

  1. Base Layer/ Fleece/Trekking Shirt/Outer Jacket: The temperature in Autumn at higher altitudes on the short Manaslu Circuit Trek route gets 7 degrees in the daytime. So, these clothes will be comfortable for hikes and protect you from the cold.
  2. Thermocoat/Trekking Trousers: These are essential gears for the lower body at high altitudes. Thin but windproof layers of these keep you warm all day and night.
  3. Underwears/Sports Bra/ Menstruation Pads: Often, you can't take a shower, even if it's hot water at a high altitude. You may get a cold. So, to maintain hygiene, you must change your underwear and innerwear frequently. Also, for female trekkers, sanitary pads are essential.

Handwear and footwear gears for Manaslu Trek

  1. Multilayered woollen gloves: You can carry two gloves, one thin layer for the inside and another thick woollen glove for the outside.
  2. Hiking socks/Wool Socks: Carry some thin socks for the day hike and extra pairs of woollen socks for overnight.
  3. Trekking boot/Sandals: Decent trekking boot to lower the impact of the hike on legs. Also, a pair of sandals while accommodating at tea houses.

Gadgets for Manaslu Trek

Gadgets that come in handy in Manaslu Circuit Trekking include cameras, binoculars, mobile phones, tablets, portable solar chargers, head lamps, microspikes etc.

Other items includes

  • Sleeping bag, duffle bag, sleeping bag liner
  • Trekking poles, hydration bottles, water purifying tablets
  • Poncho or umbrella
  • Quick drying towels, wet wipes

Documents to carry

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of travel insurance
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Suman Aryal

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